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Duncan G Davison
Founder, Learning To Be


Duncan is senior education and sports administration leader with in-depth experience developing and implementing sport and well-being programs in Australia and the US.

Working with schools and sporting groups across the globe, Duncan is specialised at spearheading and implementing innovative initiatives and processes that deliver revenue, quality, safety, efficiency, and cost savings.

He possesses a proven ability to build and manage large cross-functional teams and chair committees to high levels of performance while developing trusting relationships with boards and key stakeholders. He demonstrates agility at teaching, training, and coaching students and adults, designing workshops and curriculum, incorporating current methodologies into content. Duncan holds a Master of Education Leadership and Management from Sydney University.

Duncan provides consulting and training solutions to schools and sports clubs to ensure the physical, social and emotional safety and well being of all athletes.


I met Duncan when he was appointed as Director of the UNIS Athletic and P.E department at the United Nations International School (UNIS). In his tenure, Duncan brought strong leadership and a unique level of professionalism to the role. He transformed the department with his ability to cultivate strong relationships with key stakeholders and advance quality, sustainable organizational systems. 

Duncan’s strategic planning was centered on student athletes and considered the wellbeing of athletes and the advancement of quality coaching. As such, Duncan was invited to be a member of the senior leadership team and on many occasions presented to UNIS board members which included senior delegates from the United Nations. Duncan receives my highest endorsement, I’m confident that he will make a significant contribution to developing Athletes all over the world.

Caryl Stern 
President and CEO of UNICEF, USA 

I have had the pleasure of working with Duncan Davison on a number of projects over the last few years in my capacity as Chairman of the New South Wales Sports Federation. Duncan has that all too rare combination of professionalism and extraordinary energy and enthusiasm. Very few people that I have ever worked with get the blend of self expression, self disclosure and professionalism just right. More particularly in the world of sport where people too often back hunches, Duncan's special blend of talents and desire for 'evidenced based decision making', makes him a rare gem. He has the wow factor that so many presenters are looking for, backed up by rigorous standards that make him an irresistible force.

Michael Beaumont (Past Chairman NSW Sports Commission)

Duncan, together with his team have continued to vastly improve United Nations International School's sports programs through well thought out planning principals, a UNIS athletics mission statement aligned with the school’s mission statement, coaching improvements, health and safety improvements, building digital and social media solutions, more vigorous schedules for teams, building on the strength & conditioning program run by SuperMe, new opportunities for UNIS students to play and develop their tennis and continued emphasis on the UNIS Athlete being “Fully Committed.”

Richard Chalmers, President of the UNIS Athletic Association,  a voluntary association of parents dedicated to the encouragement and support of the Athletics and PE program at UNIS

At the United Nations International School, NYC (UNIS), Duncan inherited an ailing Athletics/Sports program in 2012 that had been disbarred from the New York City Athletic League, (one of NYC largest Independent school's athletic programs) in which our athletes deserved to play. Lack of strong leadership, very few clear expectations and an incoherent organisational structure had led to low morale and soft results.
I needed a new AD who would bring fast but intelligent long-lasting results. Duncan brought an extraordinary, natural  leadership style and strong communication skills to the table and turned the department around in record time.  By raising the bar and demanding excellence and accountability from coaches and students alike, he quickly regained the trust of the NYCAL league and our athletes rose to the occasion by representing the school with skill , good sportsmanship, and integrity.  
Duncan is a one-of-a-kind, consummate coach and influencer; as a leader, he knows how to bring the best out of people partly because he is informed and knowledgeable, and partly because he is a charismatic and enthusiastic people-person himself. As a member of my Senior Leadership Team, Duncan was a voice of both reason and vision, always candid, honest and upfront. Duncan has my highest recommendation: if you are looking for a results-oriented, clear-sighted and loyal team leader, coach or consultant, you need look no further! I would work with him again n a heart beat."

Jane Camblin
Head of School
Canadian International School, Hong Kong (Current)
Vice Chair and Board Member of Council
of International Schools (2002 -2017)
Executive Director of United Nations International School (2013-2017)


When I became president of theNew York City Athletic League (NYCAL), we had 17 schools and decided to divide into two leagues. At the time, The United Nations International School (UNIS) was, to be frank, a mess.  We did not include them in the list of six schools we were breaking away with.  At that time, Duncan was not involved with UNIS at all.
in 2012, a year into our new league, Duncan took over as the new Director of Athletics/Sport at UNIS and applied for membership in the NYCAL.  The league was very hesitant to accept UNIS because they were infamous at the time.  We allowed them to participate as associate members in certain sports that we needed teams in, but did not want them as full members.  After only the first year, we discovered a whole new UNIS.  What use to be an unreliable, unruly and a disorganised program became just the opposite; one that could be counted on to represent the NYCAL with pride. Duncan himself became an integral part of NYCAL league management with a special lens on safety and risk mitigation.  
At UNIS, Duncan dramatically improved systems, built trusting relationships with many internal and external stakeholders and grew quality, sustainable sports programs from the grass roots level all the way to varsity sports programs.  He also became the NYCAL executive league secretary and sports coordinator for track and field and tennis.  He ran many successful tennis tournaments at the Billie Jean King United States International Tennis Centre.
We were all very sorry to see him go, but he left UNIS a much better place than he found it!

Andrew West
President of New York City Athletic League (NYCAL)
Director of Athletics at The Browning School

I've had the great pleasure of seeing Duncan in action as an educator both in and out of the classroom. Witnessing Duncan's mastery of the classroom, stemming from his many years of experience, provides a great insight in to the high benchmark we should be setting for all learning environments. His ability to win over the most disengaged students and having them become standout contributors by the end of a single session whilst also providing learning stretch opportunities for other students is sheer magic.
Duncan has also impressed with his continual thirst to be better by embracing international research and frameworks and translating findings in to pragmatic solutions relevant to the specific learning environment involved.

Paul Kelsey |
Global COO | High Resolves 

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