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Our Difference

In today's current climate within youth sport, school leaders and sports administrators are consistently faced with the possibility of litigation and greater accountability at all levels.  Heads of Sport in schools and Sports Administrators face a plethora of challenges to ensure that program offerings are inclusive, safe and of quality. 

A key challenge for coaches and administrators is that young athletes may lack social and emotional competencies which can lead to them becoming less connected with their peers, coach or parents. Negative feelings and emotions that result from being made fun of or teased, failing to achieve a personal best time, missing the final shot or losing the last set can ultimately reduce the desire to participate or continue training and competing.
At Learning To Be, our passion is working with leading schools and sports clubs to create programs that focus on the holistic well-being and safety of all athletes. Having a third party that specialises in the collaborative review and assessment of such programs brings an unbiased and professional integrity to the process and can provide solutions to ensure the continual delivery of quality and safe programs. 
Founder, Duncan Davison has in-depth experience developing and implementing sport and well-being programs in Australia and the US and passionately believes that:  'It is our collective responsibility to see all athletes are equipped with the strategies to make responsible choices, to have positive experiences and to thrive, both on and off the field!'

Get in touch to discuss how the Learning to be methodology ensures the successful implementation and ongoing improvement of your sports program.

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