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How We Do It.

Stage One

Review & Assess

Stage Two

Design & Plan

Stage Three


Review and assess school and community based athletic/sports departments and organisation

  • Wholistic student athletic experience

  • Parental attitudes and engagement

  • School culture and attitude toward athletics and sport

  • Organisational operations and programming

  • Short, mid and long term strategic planning

  • Budget and purchasing practices

  • Risk Management

  • Child protection

  • Organisational structure and reporting lines

  • Scheduling

  • Score reporting

  • Athletic well being and athletic training services and facilities

  • Quality of coaching and professional development

  • Communication strategies

  • Student athlete experience linked to leadership, citizenship, service learning and advisory programming

Data gathering methodology: Self review, focus groups, observation, review of documentation and website.

Design and Plan Solutions


As an industry leader, ‘Leaning to Be’ will work collaboratively with school or club leadership, Athletic Directors, Directors of Sport, Coaches, Parents and Students to design and plan solutions arising from the findings from Stage 1 : Review and Assessment.

The strategic plan will be the roadmap to ensure that the organisation provides quality athletic programming that is always ‘athlete centred’ and that the organaisation follows ‘best practice’



‘Learning to Be’ works with the organisation to assist with the implementation of the strategic plan and offers a range of services focused around: Program Development, Risk Management, Education and Training

Some examples include:

  • Mission alignment and development of athletic policy and procedures

  • Wholistic communication strategy

  • Child protection policy and procedure development
    ( Linking with wider organisation)

  • Contracting with partners, providers and vendors

  • Leadership training

  • Professional development for coaches

  • Athlete citizenship and well being

  • Recruitment and Retainment strategy of quality coaches and staff

  • Strength and Conditioning plan for Athletes

  • Grass roots development programming

  • Staff mentoring

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